Peer Review - Journal of Global Business Insights - The Suitabiltiy of Accommodtion

Title: The Suitability of Accommodation Businesses for the Disabled: The Case of Kastamonu

The article brings an important point of view to the world of tourism.  It is important that accommodations for the disabled are considered when building a tourism business.  This study looks demonstrates a good example as to how one area in Turkey can accomplish their tourism goals to include providing accommodations for the handicap traveler and their companions.

Method and Design:

Journal of Healthcare Leadership – Effect of Clinical Supervision

Title: The Effect of Clinical Supervision on Clinical Decision - This study aimed to determine the effect of clinical supervision on clinical decision of students in Saveh Nursery Faculty of Medical Sciences in 2017. The present quasi-experimental before-after study investigated 60 students of Saveh Nursing School of Medical Sciences and selected census sampling method due to the limited sample size of the target population that were randomly assigned to two experimental (N = 30) and control groups (N=30).

Journal of Healthcare Management – Resilience Economy

Title: Resilience Economy with Approach Medical Tourism Development: A systematic review of studies rigorous evaluations in Iran

Method: A systematic review was conducted according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines. The review of articles was conducted through; Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP).

Summary and Outcome for this Article:

Peer Review - Description: Journal of Healthcare Management – Impact of E Word

Description: Title: Impact of E-Word of Mouth on Destination Image and Intention to Travel: Revisiting the Framework in Medical Tourism Perspective in Malaysia. A hypothetic-deductive approach of logic. Data were collected with the help of structured questionnaire. The article has discussion and implications; implications appears to be the Conclusion/Summary.  Good review of the perceived risks and value of EWOM (eWord of Mouth).


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