FBI-FAM Joint Terrorism Task Force

I served as Special Agent for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force conducting terrorism investigations world-wide. I also gave classroom instruction to agents concerning the integration of DHS-Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) with agents in the field. During tenure, I hosted integration workshops bringing FBI SWAT members to FAMS where a classroom and practical workshop enabled the two agencies to better understand roles and responsibilities.

Ethics and Health Care Administrators’ Decision Making: A Qualitative Symphonological Grounded Theory Study​

The presentation documented was based on the primary author's grounded theory based dissertation that developed a theory for understanding the role played by ethical considerations within the context of health care administrators’ decision- making processes. A new substantive theory emerged from the study that bridged a gap in the literature - a symphonological , bioethical framework for assisting health care administrators in their decision- making process.

Using Praxis Courses and Online Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) to Train Geographically Distributed Novice Qualitative and Mixed-Method Researchers

Discussion and workshop related to creating and moderating geographically distributed research groups. Additionally, discussion of using qualitative data analysis programs with these populations.


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