Corporate Implementation of Design Thinking for Innovation and Economic Growth

Project Lead: 
Bethany K. Mickahail
Project Description: 

In recent years as the global economy recovers from the Great Recession, more and more companies seek to have the uniqueness of product development and subsequent growth that Apple, HP, Google and others embody. The legendary successes of these Design Driven companies demonstrate that their products can replace the outdated products, expand existing markets, and create new opportunities for growth.

Intelligence and Learning Styles and Approaches – Spiritual Intelligence in Education

Project Description: 

As the world continues to develop, the demand for an educated workforce continues to grow to fulfill the needs of business and society. Never before have there been as many educational institutions of higher education as there are today. These institutions offer diplomas, degrees, and continuing education, all responding to the needs of the geographic area, the demands of the students and parents, the expectations of the discipline, and integrating the mission of the financial backers.


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