Book Review Editor for Aging and Anthropology

I have been the Book Review Editor since 2013.  This position is important for professional development as it allows me to keep abreast of new research in the areas of aging, palliative care, alternative health care, informal and formal support systems, interdisciplinary care, and patient/practitioner relationships. In addition this position affords me the opportunity to have access to new research methods.  I have also been able to support UOPX faculty and students by inviting them to be book reviews for the journal thereby enhancing their publishing opportunities.

Assembly, Machine Language, Unix SME

Project 1) Part of a small Project Gutenberg team asked to translate and verify an Assembly and machine language printout of an IBM 704 Fortran II compiled program to render it ready to recompile and run on the IBM 704 computer the Smithsonian Institute had acquired and was rebuilding for exhibit. I undertook this partially out of my sense of computing history: the IBM 704 was the first computer to introduce a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) for output. Built for scientific applications, the 704 was a 36-bit vacuum-tube design with 4K and 8K drum memory, and magnetic or paper tape options.


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