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CEITR Student Research Assistants

CEITR Student Research Assistants

Panel Presentation on the Impact of Social Distancing on Research Methods

A teachable moment for Counselor Education

A Teachable Moment for Counselor Education: Covid-19

January 2020 CEITR Publications and Presentations

CEITR Publications and Presentations: January 2020

Call to students for Publication opportunity

Greetings CLSER Student members!

Celebrating CLSER Member Accomplishments in 2018

Greetings CLSER Members,

Celebrating Accomplishments in 2018

Greetings CLSER Members,

Student Scholarships

Student Members of CLSER, this blog is for YOU!

NVivo 12

Learn about NVivo 12!

Positive contribution of focus groups to mixed methods research: An example for discussion

Galliott and Graham (2016) used a sequential exploratory mixed method design to investigate career planning within adolescent populations in Australia. This post is an invitation to readers to explore the structure and use of the research method utilized by Galliott and Graham, and deepen the reader’s understanding of both mixed methods designs and the specific use of focus groups within such designs.