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Thoughts for Doctoral Students: The Power of Writing

Writing well is required to assure success as a doctoral student.

Get the Right Tools for Research

Writing well remains a critical component of graduate student success.

Use Questions to Develop an Outline

I find that to really understand something, I must ask and answer questions.

Develop a Research Interest Early in Your Doctoral Program

Doctoral students can read with purpose if they develop a research interest during early classes. 

Question as You Read

Paul and Elder (2000) claimed that answers are privileged above questions in our society - witness every textbook that contains assertion after assertion, each of which is actually the answer to a question. The answers are published, but not the questions. Asking the right questions while reading can be very helpful to learners in advanced social studies.

Power Reading for Graduate Students

Reading in graduate school is different than reading for pleasure

Reflections on the KWB conference

Along with several hundred other participants, Dr.

Imani Rising: A Conversation Between Dr. Liz Johnston and Alumna Dr. Imani Akin

Research Center Fellow, Dr. Liz Johnston, talks with alumnus Dr. Imani Akin about her experiences.

Motivation: Autonomy, mastery, and purpose

Motivation increases when we are aware of personal motives. Finding purpose through a vocation is one way to develop strong personal motivation. Consider Dan Pink's thoughts on autonomy, mastery, and sense of purpose to find more motivation.