Keeping Your Brain Young Through Excercise

The review found that the most effective dose of exercise — the average amount that appeared to be linked

Study Indicates Mediterranean Diet May Slow Development of Alzheimer's Disease

Research is a Community Process

Researchers, even the most experienced ones, never work alone.  During a person’s dissertation journey, he or she dev

Faculty Appreciation Commemorative - Positive Perspective

Why are happy people, happy?  As researchers, life-long learners, and seekers of knowledge, happiness is of interest

Empathy and Compassion: A Commemorative Blog for Faculty Appreciation Week

Felice Leonardo Buscaglia was a USC professor of education who taught a class on … love.

Perseverance: A Commemorative Blog for Faculty Appreciation Week

Like all great literature, Maya Angelou’s powerful poem 

Telecommuting and Health: Perspectives on the Paradox of Productivity

I am a telecommuter.


I should have been working on my dissertation, but there were so many other things to do!  The laundry basket was ove

SAS Alumni from University of Phoenix Needed for Alumni Webinar Series

Hello Everyone -

Preparing a Successful Practitioner Publication Submission

Not unlike academic or theory-based journals that often rely on publishing a variety of research studies that can off


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