Why You Might Want to Attend a Virtual Summit: Reason Number 34

Why You Might Want to Attend a Virtual Summit: Reason Number 34

As a potential participant or presenter, you may be hesitant about attending since this is the first time that the KWB Research Summit will be held virtually. This blog entry is part of a series of brief reasons for why you might consider attending KWB as a presenter or participant.

Sophisticated digital platforms are enabling virtual environments that simulate the benefits of real events, and attendees are beginning to shift to accessing subject matter experts and industry networking online (Wilson, 2011). For us in the School of Advanced Studies, the Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB) Research Summit will be a 3-day virtual event for the first time. The event will take place August 14, 2018 through August 17, 2018 and the call for proposals is open now until June 18, 2018.


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Reason 34: Online Conferences Provide Skill Development in Virtual Presenting and Networking

By Chara Price

Many UOPX faculty and students can identify growth in their instructing or learning skills between their first and their most recent online course, or the first and most recent virtual meeting.  As technology allows for us to work with people and organizations beyond our current home area, developing skills to communicate and build relationships with people and organizations virtually will serve you well.  An online conference affords these opportunities.  By presenting, you might learn skills in incorporating side chat bars, how to present yourself on camera, and tools to integrate into a presentation in place of in-person body language.  By attending, you can become more comfortable with asking questions virtually, having a conversation online vs in a conference hallway, and transferring in-person engagement into online engagement.  Skills learned by participating in virtual conferences do not have to stay at the conference- you can come home and apply them to your classrooms, work, and professional relationships.  Come grow with us at KWB!