How to Find Journals for Publishing Your Research

How to Find Journals for Publishing Your Research

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The first step in process of publishing your research is finding the best format to do so. This article will review the types of periodicals, and their distinguishing features, and online tools to help in your search.

Types of Periodicals

There are various types of periodicals available, as shown in figure 1. Periodicals are published frequently with a fixed interval between the issues, They may include magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. Scholarly journals can be categorized into non peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed journals. Peer-reviewed, or refereed journals, are the journals that publish articles that were reviewed and approved by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field.

Peer-reviewed journals are the best place for publishing scholarly manuscripts. Peer-reviewed journals are categorized into two groups: closed access and open access journals. Articles published in closed access journals are available only to readers who are subscribed to the journals, while articles published in open access journals are open to public. With the latter, the publishing is often paid for by the authors.

It's important to note that open access journals can sometimes be considered predatory journals. If you elect to publish in an open access journal, take the needed precautions to verify that the journal is reputable and that a peer review process is in place. For a list of possibly predatory journals from Scholarly Open Access, click here. We'll also be covering this topic in more detail in next week's article "How to Evaluate and Select the Right Journal for Publishing your Research," so be sure to check back to learn more. 

Figure 1. Types of Periodicals


Websites for Finding Journals

You may use the following websites to find journals in your field and identify whether they are peer-reviewed, and if they are closed or open access.  

For even more tips on getting published, check out the slides from Dr. Kebritchi's recent webinar on the topic.

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