How to Add Your Publication to Your Research Hub Profile

How to Add Your Publication to Your Research Hub Profile

In addition to completing your research project, you’ve researched journals to publish in, selected the best place to publish, prepared your manuscript for submission, and even been selected! While it may seem like you’re finished, there is still one more step to complete: adding the publication to your Research Hub profile.

Since one of the best ways to demonstrate recent scholarship activity is by keeping your Publications and Presentations sections up to date, we recommend you take some time before moving onto your next project to add this new information, as well as any other updates, to your user profile.

Be sure to review the detailed instructions on how to add your recent publication to your profile, as well as these best practices to ensure this essential section of your profile is complete and up to date. If you’ve already presented your research, be sure to add the presentation information here, too.

For other best practices and tips for updating your profile and using this site, visit our User Help section at or contact us with your questions.

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