Case Study: Creative Leadership and Diversity in a Manufacturing Tech Company.

Group Affiliation: 
- Private group -
Virginia Institute of Technology.
Rilla Hynes, Bethany Mickahail, Rose Littlejohn, Andrea Taylor, Carlos T Aquino, Josephine Hauer
Presentation Date: 
Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Event or Conference: 
The IAFOR Conference on Educational Research & Innovation (ERI)], May 6-8, 2019
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Paper Presentation
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Blackberg, VA
United States
Organizations seek ways to build innovation and creativity within their workforce and processes. Although researchers have established innovation is a key element of organizational success in the global business economy, there are gaps in the knowledge base of creating innovative, creative organizations. The influence of leadership on innovation is established but further studies are needed on the effects of different types of diversity, communication, and leadership within teams. This qualitative case study explored the phenomenon of leadership and diversity implementation to support innovation in a global tech manufacturing organization. Original visuals map interconnected topics and their relationships in building creative and innovative organizational cultures. Diversity, teams, and leadership present a one to many relationship; the leader may not have the intrinsic knowledge of all the team cultural and social issues. The study found a leader will be required to demonstrate an appropriate style, supply resources, and organize with the diverse work teams. Further topics of interest in the study include leadership’s vision and communication, and leadership’s relationship with culture and innovation. Discussions of interest include building innovative organizations through diversity, how creative leaders lead during times of change, identification of performance indicators in a diverse culture, and exploration of diverse environments for innovation and cultural change. This case study was undertaken to explore leadership and diversity implementation. The study focused on a global, innovative company in the technology field. The topics explored include leadership, diversity implementation, vision, culture and innovation, and leadership growth for the future