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Making Time for Scholarship: Reflections from a Recent Keynote Address

As I traveled home from a keynote address I gave at the major teaching conference for the American Psychological Asso

Even If You Know A Portion Is Too Large, Will You Eat More Anyways?

As a general rule, the answer is YES to the question in the title of this blog.

Health Contradictions: Using Your Health Sense

It is interesting to read through the many news reports about health today.

Where Your Nutrients Come From Matters

The New York Times recently wrote an article describing the effects of sugar on our health.

Partying Hard… and Sober

This weekend will be the 3rd annual Hazelfest in Center City, MN.

Economics of Curbing Childhood Obesity

Now, more than ever, legislators, schools, policy makers and parents must deal with one of the nation’s most costly h

Value-Based Care Trending for 2015

“Value-based care” is trending in 2015 with pressures on providers and physicians to do more to reduce hospital readm

Health with a Purpose

If you visit the health and wellness initiative by Johnson and Johnson, they identify that “health connected with pur

Taking Your Health One “Step" at a Time

In the modern age of health there are many technologies available to us to promote positive health.

The Evolving Definition of "Health"

“Health” is a term we use all the time and in various contexts.


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