Bullying and Victimization Dynamics In High School: An Exploratory Case Study


Bullying is a worldwide concern and erroneous perceptions of the phenomenon could underscore unsustainable interventions. The purpose of this qualitative exploratory case study was to examine, in-depth, how some high school teachers from two schools in New Jersey perceived student bullying. The primary research question was: What perceptions do teachers have about student bullying? The main data were from face-to-face interviews with 14 teachers who answered semi-structured, open-ended questions. Secondary data originated from physical artifacts. Data analysis proceeded in four phases. Inductive analysis permitted the composition of individual cases. Cross-case analysis allowed data classification into three main areas of inquiry aligned with the three secondary research questions (a) bullying and victimization dynamics as perceived by teachers, (b) adequacy of current interventions, and (c) adequacy of teachers’ professional development for bullying mitigation. Data unveiled inconsistencies between causes of bullying and interventions. It culminated in recommendations for leadership and suggestions for future research.

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Journal Article
Lucy M. George Lekunze
B. Ivan Strom
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Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability
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