Students Looking for Chairs

Students Looking for Chairs


May 30, 2016


Activity is Ongoing
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University of Phoenix (Phoenix Connect)
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I actively maintain and support this forum helping students that are having difficulties finding a chair and/or a committee member

This  is the forum description


Dear Faculty,


Students often reach out to us for support looking for a Chair or Committee member. We are opening this discussion to help students to find Chairs/Committees members much easier and vice versa. The forum will not be an official engagement place, but rather a place to establish an initial connection with the different areas of expertise under the qualitative and quantitative methods of research.


LFACs will periodically post possible dissertation candidates with name, email, and research method and if they are looking for a chair or a committee member (see attached). Since students do not have access to this forum, the follow-up will be for the interested faculty to get in touch with the student and decide if they make a match.