Navigating Generational Differences Within and Across Cultures

Proposal: IODA 2017


Navigating the Maze

of Generational Differences:

Impacts Within and Across Societies


Relevance of proposed session to the overall conference theme of ”Thriving Through Diversity” and to Organization Development?

Relevance to Conference

Generational differences can explain and add a great deal to understanding who we are in organizations and society. As organization development consultants there is a need to understand what we have in common and our differences in order to create an effective approach in the organizational change.  At the same time people it helps to everyone wants to feel respected and valued, even if the meaning of respect can vary by individual. Our failure to account for such differences can lead to less successful connections in the workplace. This conference will provide an opportunity to explore, experience and learn ways to increase effective connections within and across generations, which will only improve organization, the society and the culture.

Relevance to Organization Development

            Within each organization of any size there are members of different generations who want and need to work together. Building a model community within an organization as a resource for both professional and personal communication and dialogue across generations creates a productive and high performing workplace.

            Generational collaboration is often made more complex by the full range of cultural and organizational issues: gender, ageism, sexism, racism, etc. It is clearly beneficial to OD consultants working with organizations to deepen their awareness of the implications of generational differences. Some of the possible implications include impact on organizational engagement and communications, creativity and work flow.

Practical information/skills/tools participants will gain from this session

  • Understanding the complexity of generational differences, which exist within and across societies, within and across generations, within and across cultures, organizations and families and, etc.
  • Describing Who am I and Who is the Other within and across generational differences - and what effect those identifications have on personal and work life.
  • Using the World Café as an approach for navigating the similarities and differences of generational differences.
  • Learning the range of impact of generational differences and how using them helps us thrive through our diversity.
Presentation Date: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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International Organization Development Conference (IODA)
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Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town
South Africa