Self Care Workshop for Advocates

This is scheduled to be a two hour workshop  on self care followed by a 15 minute exercise at the Henry  Center as part of a three day staff conference for the Michigan Alliance for Families. This state wide orgainzation advocates for the people with disabilties and supports their care givers in helping t hem to navigate the system, particularly in the area of education and other resources.


The workshop will be interactive, covering identificationand labeling of emotions and why it is a key component of healthy self care, getting to the core of the conscious and unconscious reasons that we often avoid self care, and dealing with the dreaded h word: helplessness..

Michigan Alliance for Families
Dr. Angela Celeste May
Presentation Date: 
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Event or Conference: 
Staff Development Conference
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3535 Forest Rd.
Lansing, MI 48910-3734
United States
After being invited by one of the board members to give my first workshop on self care at their conference in October 2017, it was so well received that they requested that I return for their March 2018 workshop. We will dig even deeper into some of our uncomfortable reasons for avoiding self care and their consequences.
While it is imperative that all those involved in advocacy be mindful of the impact that their own health and well being has on those with whom they work, too often we are reluctant to acknowledge the direct relationship that self care has on the people to whom we are dedicated. In this workshop we will explore why this is the case and how to get past it.