What is the experience of LGBT who are called to Christian ministry?


Christianity is seen as anathema to some in the LGBT community while for many Christians being LGBT precludes the possibility of accepting Christ. In spite of this some LGBT individuals have experienced ongoing faith or developed a faith they did not previously have and have taken the step to accept the call to work in the Christian ministry.

To me feminist research means that I look at my work in light of my place in the world. The intersections within me color my perspectives and significantly impact what I observe and the way I understand the world around me.

As a self-aware researcher, I first answered the proposed interview questions. I then will use a purposive sample to select a minimum of ten interviewees from which themes will hopefully emerge. This study will explore the experience of LGBT men and women who have chosen the path of Christian leadership and the relationship of their self-identification (gender identity or sexual orientation) to that spiritual path.

Feminist political impact stems from the challenges to the values and beliefs espoused by Christianity, as the application of transformational and servant leadership are considered in the analysis of the leadership roles explored.

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Book Chapter
"Adero" Cheryl E Allison
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Feminist Research in Practice
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Maura Kelly and Barbara Gurr
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