Reflections of a Participant Researcher on Exploring the Experience of LGBT Ministry Leadership


I am a sociologist. I am captivated by human and organizational systems, using both systems theory and structural inequality to understand what I see around me. The intersections of my life have brought me to this place, this time and this work.

At twenty-nine years old I learned that the two communities I held most dear, the black Christian church and the LGBT community could not, would not accept the entirety of me. I tried to live as christian gay, but I eventually found my place and flourished fully, serving as a ministry leader without denying myself as a human being.

I am driven to ask questions that lead me to answers I need personally. As a leader in both my work and my vocation I seek to understand the application of transformational and leadership theory. I approached this study as a necessity. As a cisgender female, ‘african’ ‘american’, queer, ‘christian’ minister who is also a researcher I cannot move forward without coming back to this question: How is my experience similar to the experience of  other queer Christian ministry leaders?

I am a self-aware, participant researcher in this phenomenological exploration of LGBT Spirituality through feminist, transformational and servant leadership lenses.

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Book Chapter
"Adero" Cheryl E Allison
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Feminist Research in Practice
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Maura Kelly and Barbara Gurr
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