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Research Hub Mission, Vision, and Values


To be a leading university-based research institution providing value-driven, real-world solutions which will enable University of Phoenix and the College of Doctoral Studies to develop economically sound research programs in order to enhance student persistence, progression, completion and growth with robust opportunity for exploration and inquiry in research that impacts communities around the world.


The mission of the Research Center Enterprise under the College of Doctoral Studies is to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and development solutions in the core areas of leadership, workplace diversity, and educational technology research impacting communities and the personal and career aspirations of our faculty, students and alumni.


The Research Hub is a community of researchers exemplifying the University’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and research innovation. As part of a learning culture, intergenerational project teams enrich learning, scholarship, and discovery through special interest groups.

We value learning to its highest degree where learning is not passive but actionable, practitioner based, leading all to utilize and engage research outcomes for transformational change in themselves and in their respective communities.

We value scholarship as a form of “evidence of practice and inquiry” as well as growth in the aspirational pursuits of solution seeking.

We value culture in research where students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to work not only in their substantial roles as professionals but alongside each other in engaging and fostering research.

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Call for Dissertation to Publication Workshop Registration - Fall 2021

Call for Dissertation to Publication Workshop Registration - Fall 2021

Are you interested in publishing your doctoral dissertation in a peer reviewed journal but not sure how to find an appropriate peer reviewed journal or develop a publishable manuscript?

If so, join the Dissertation to Publication Web-based Workshop at University of Phoenix.


Checkout the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Whitepaper!

Checkout the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Whitepaper!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Whitepaper, produced by Dr. Kimberly Underwood, extends the potentials from the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event.

KWB Summit Kick's Off Today!!

KWB Summit Kick's Off Today!!


The 2021 Research Summit begins today, Thursday August 12th at 10:00 am MST time. With close to 400 registrants, the event demonstrates the potentials of research in a conference style format with over 50+ professional researchers presenting, Dissertation of the Year, Doctoral student presenters, panel sessions and more!!