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Research Hub Mission, Vision, and Values


To be a leading university-based research institution providing value-driven, real-world solutions which will enable University of Phoenix and the College of Doctoral Studies to develop economically sound research programs in order to enhance student persistence, progression, completion and growth with robust opportunity for exploration and inquiry in research that impacts communities around the world.


The mission of the Research Center Enterprise under the College of Doctoral Studies is to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and development solutions in the core areas of leadership, workplace diversity, and educational technology research impacting communities and the personal and career aspirations of our faculty, students and alumni.


The Research Hub is a community of researchers exemplifying the University’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and research innovation. As part of a learning culture, intergenerational project teams enrich learning, scholarship, and discovery through special interest groups.

We value learning to its highest degree where learning is not passive but actionable, practitioner based, leading all to utilize and engage research outcomes for transformational change in themselves and in their respective communities.

We value scholarship as a form of “evidence of practice and inquiry” as well as growth in the aspirational pursuits of solution seeking.

We value culture in research where students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to work not only in their substantial roles as professionals but alongside each other in engaging and fostering research.

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Phoenix Scholar "Whitepaper" Special Edition

Phoenix Scholar "Whitepaper" Special Edition

This special mid-season edition of the Phoenix Scholar is a compendium of professional academic whitepapers authored by staff, faculty and alumni from the College of Doctoral Studies. This issue covers an array of poignant topical matter from helping employees manage stress during large scale disasters to exploring career pathways and more.

CWDIR Leadership Joins JFF Horizons Conference as Collaborative Insights on Social Capital for Black Americans Is Launched

CWDIR Leadership Joins JFF Horizons Conference as Collaborative Insights on Social Capital for Black Americans Is Launched

PHOENIX--Kimberly Underwood, Ph.D., MBA, chair, Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR) with the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies, joined the proceedings of the JFF Horizons conference on June 7-8, 2022, in New Orleans, LA. Jobs for the Future (JFF), a national nonprofit driving transformation in the American workforce and education systems, earlier this year announced a partnership with University of Phoenix Career Institute® to support Black learners and workers in building professional social capital to advance their careers.

New Phoenix Scholar Edition

Phoenix Scholar 5.1

New Phoenix Scholar Edition

Our world is frequently tied to the sale of goods and services locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. As the world continues to reckon with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and other geopolitical challenges, for this issue of the Phoenix Scholar™ we invited stakeholders to share business-related research, best practices, and conceptual pieces that focus on industry and the academy from an enterprise perspective. Enjoy this unique edition that also features an interview with Dr.